Summary of 2012

As a team we would really like to thank Google Lunar X Prize and Moonbots for the opportunity they gave us by letting us get to the second phase of this amazing competition and also thank all the people who’ve been encouraging us and helping us throughout all this process.

And also we would like to emphasize that in this WordPress you can find all the work we did in each phase and in the activities we did.

Below you can find information from all our participation:

Also we did a video summarizing all our activities and what we did in each phase of this contest, which is the following video:

The robot had to do a series of missions and we recorded a video of the robot during the simulation for you to see how the robot solves the missions.

A short text that summarize all our participation in this Challange can be read in English and Spanish.

In the first phase we had to answer a one of the questions given, for the video of the answer we gave, and the one for which we got to the second and final phase please click here. To this phase we mainly answered we wanted a greenhouse in the moon for studying how plants grow on the moon.

In phase 2 we designed a lunar landscape, you can find the texts with the description of the game idea and misions in English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, French and Portuguese for a more global understanding of our landscape. Also a video explaining the landscape can be found in English here and in Spanish here.

If you want to see a video of our final presentation in the Colegio de Inenieros, were we had our presentation while being in communication via internet with the judges of the competition from United States of America.

Here you can find a text summarizing all our activities during this contest. All the activities we did, the work we had in each phase, including the presentations we did in Wenlock School and the final presentation in Colegio de Ingenieros. For the text in english click here and for the text in spanish (español) click here. In this texts you can find everything we did including some links to videos from each activity and presentation.

For more videos click the following links:

Video used in presentation in Colegio de Ingenieros:

A photo pack of the presentation in Colegio de Ingenieros in the 17th of October:

Presentation in Wenlock School:

Wenlock School Photo pack:

Moonbots final presentation:

Moonbots final presentation Photo pack:


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