To click here to download the PDF version of this document.

You can also download the Sketch-Up file here.

The game table have three main areas. The first one is the base, where the game starts and end. The second area is Neil Armstrong square that haves the heritage artifacts already left on the moon. The last one, at the other site of a central plateau, is a greenhouse where plant growth is studied.


  • All images on this documents are scaled
  • The whole game is surrounded by wood walls of 7cm height and 4cm depth.
  • To view some of the files you will need SketchUp and Lego Digital Designer  (LDD)  free programs.
  • If you have troubles downloading the LDD files please try this link.

The landscape areas are:

1. Starting base: The Starting Base is a platform placed in one corner of the Lunar Landscape, from where your robot will start its mission. The size of the Starting Base is 21 x 29 centimeters (8.2 inches x 11.4 inches). It is raised 7 centimeters (2.8 inches) from the ground. There is a ramp at each site of the base.

2. Neil Armstrong square: Neil Armstrong square is on the opposite side of the table and at the same side of the plateau than the starting base. It contains some of the heritage artcrafts on the moon, USA flag, Astronauts footprints, the Lunar Module, and a lunar rover. It size is 38 cm by 38 cm and is surrounded by a black line of 3 cm width.

3. High Ridge: or plateau is at the center of the table. It dimensions are shown on the image.

4. Greenhouse: The greenhouse is where plants are grown and studied. It is located at the other side of the high ridge. It has a one LEGO brick height wall and a door motorized. Inside have 55 LEGO cactuses, 2 grown plants, 2 plants on early germinations stages, 2 plants with fruit(LDD), and 2 real cactuses to photograph.

5. Greenhouse Door: Is a LEGO creation with 2 opening doors controlled by one NXT. It is designed so that it detects one the robot is in front of it and open the door and then it wait until it is between the doors to open the next one. Here is the LDD version with building instruction.

6. Water tanks: 3 water tanks (LDD) are placed at one side of the plateau and have to be placed on the watering area inside the greenhouse.

7. Charging area: Is a 25cm by 75cm rectangle over the high ridge on where the robot is supposed to recharge itself using solar energy.


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