Phase 2

If we want to see men living on the moon a lot of problems will need to be solved.

To solve this problems many studies and discoveries have to be done. The game represents some of the possible investigations of this sense. In the game there is a greenhouse where plants growth on the moon is studied. There will be also a park where the artifacts of the previous missions are protected, this will be named after the first man that stepped on the moon, it will be called the “Neil Armstrong Park”

With this game we also want to interest as many people as possible with what lunar and space exploration is. This is why we created two game modes, the novice mode for people with less experience and the advanced mode for people with more knowledge about robotics (for example people that had participated in FLL or similars). With this we want the more people to get involved so that in a future they can help in the construction of a lunar base.

Click here to see the game idea and missions, and here to see a description of the lunar landscape design.

As we want this game to be as universal as posible we translated the rules in different languages: in English, in Spanish, in Hebrew, in French, in Italian and in Portuguese.

If you want to actually built the game, you can take a look to the ScketchUp description of the landscape, and a LDD building instruction for the greenhouse door and for the plants, fruits, seeds and water. (if you are having trouble downloading the files try this link instead )

Also you can click here to see the lunar landscape design in English and Spanish.

Finally for a better understanding see the English video explaining the landscape and the game or the Spanish one.


16 comments on “Phase 2

  1. Admirable. excepcional con esta genialidad llegarán muy lejos, ¡bueno, si yá estan en otro planeta!

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